19 November 2016


Who of us has not begun a blog with the best of intentions, only to let it subsequently languish?  I’ve started or been part of at least two or three that have since gone to seed out there in the blogosphere.  But I always intended to get back to this one, as I enjoyed it so—and since I have many, many recipe cards to archive and riff on. 

In the four years since my last post, I have sold a house, moved to a different state, begun a new job, bought a house, and made many new friends.  All the while I have taught, cared for my family, sung in the church choir, practiced yoga, ridden the commuter rail, read scads of books, and enjoyed flourishing friendships.  I have even cooked a little bit.

And the recipe box?  It has mostly been in the basement, on a shelf.  When I have gone down to retrieve wrapping paper or walked past on my way to do laundry, I have caught sight of the box, and silently vowed to take up this project again.

The Time is Now.

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  1. Yay. Although I'm not a foodie (everyone laughs when I say I only have a kitchen because it came with the house), I know some foodies who might enjoy this blog, so when a post comes up in my feed, I will Share.